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Uganda Destinations

A magnificent verdant swathe across the steep ridges of the Albertine Rift Valley, this ancient rainforest – one of the few in Africa to have flourished throughout the last Ice Age – is home to roughly half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Bwindi National Park is situated in south western
Kibale National Park Is one of the most accessible of Uganda’s major rainforests, Kibale is home to a remarkable 13 primate species, including the localized red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkey.
The Kidepo Valley National Park is one of Uganda’s most spectacular parks. It is 1,442 square kilometres and has scenery unsurpassed in any other park in East Africa. ‘It could not be any better’ is a common comment on the scenery by visitors who often promise and do come back to Kidepo.
Mount Elgon National Park is a 4,321m high extinct volcano which in prehistoric times stood taller than Kilimanjaro does today. Mount Elgon National Park sits on the Kenya Uganda border with both countries having their area as a National Park
The melting glacier waters of the Rwenzori Mountains create a vast wetland system comprising of two main lakes, George and Edward, as well as the connecting Kazinga Channel. Thousands of hippos populate these lake shorelines make today the Queen Elizabeth National Park
Semuliki National Park is an eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest. This is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa. (Especially for birds)